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We live in a complex world, full of distractions, where it can be hard to find time for what matters to us. Photography helps me to find that focus, no matter what the occasion, subject, or place. It allows me to recognize the beauty in the details, and to shut out the noise in order to see what is in front of me.

I first recognized this as a graduate student at Cornell University studying microscopy and scientific photography.  It quickly became clear to me how powerful imaging can be: to teach, to document, to capture a feeling, to tell a story, or just to freeze a moment in our personal histories.  I love to travel, and have ventured widely over the globe, seeing and experiencing many beautiful places, people, and cultures through my camera lens.

Now based in New York City, I am a photographer and craft cocktail bartender. I am constantly pushing my own boundaries as a photographer and learning from the other talented people that I meet here. I offer a range of photography services, from portraits and event photography (of personal celebrations and professional events) to commissioned photographs for the restaurant and bar industry (food & drink, interiors) to head shots, and travel documentation.

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Gregory J. Buda, PhD

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Photo courtesy of Lateef Okunnu.

Photo courtesy of Lateef Okunnu.